EzineArticles API

EzineArticles API - Search Articles

You can retrieve article information such as recently published articles. You can also gather articles from a specific EzineArticles Expert Author and/or a particular EzineArticles category.

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Parameters for Article Search

ParameterPossible ValuesPurposeDefault
search »articlesTo indicate a request for article information.
search »articles.most.recentTo indicate a request for most recent articles information.
article_idTo pull article information on a specific article.
authorTo access articles from a specific EzineArticles Expert Author.
categoryTo access articles in an EzineArticles category.
subcategoryTo access articles in a subcategory of a specified category.
comments1 - 10To show a number of comments for each article.0
page1+To specify which page of results should be returned.1
limit1 - 15To specify how many results per page should be returned.15

Articles Search Example

To lookup an articles by specific author name:

http://api.ezinearticles.com/api.php?search=articles&author=Christopher%20Knight&limit=1&response_format=xml&key={your api key}

To lookup most recent articles in Writing and Speaking category:

http://api.ezinearticles.com/api.php?search=articles.most.recent&category=Writing-and-Speaking&limit=1&response_format=xml&key={your api key}

The above API request will return something similar to this:

<author>Christopher Knight</author>
<title>Authors With Multiple Brands - Secrets to Managing Multiple Topics When Writing Articles</title>
<summary>Most prolific writers/authors write about more than one area of expertise. You might have a main area of expertise, and then multiple sub-topic or different topics that you write articles about (some to pay the bills and others to feed their creative spirit). How do you create author brand strength without creating market confusion as to your expertise? Read on to find out...</summary>
<time>2008-08-27 16:36:49</time>

Explanation of Articles Search Returned Values

idThe unique ID assigned to an article.
authorThe name of the author of the article.
date_publishedThe date the article was published.
date_updatedThe date the article was last updated.
titleThe article title.
categoryThe category of the article.
subcategoryThe subcategory of the article.
summaryThe article summary.
urlThe URL of the article.

Response Status Codes

If there is a problem with your API request, an error message will be shown in the format specified by the response_format parameter or in plain text if that parameter is missing.

200The request was successful. This code will accompany a response from the API.
404No results found. This code will accompany a message explaining that no results were found for your request.
400The request was invalid. This code will also be sent if you have exceeded your maximum hourly requests or your API Key is invalid.
500The API is experiencing a problem unrelated to your request that prevents it being performed at this time.